Chances are, picking out a place to go eat while you're at Geek'd Con is the last thing on your mind. Whataburger, Chick-fil-A and IHOP are great places for you to go pick up your usual. However Geek'd Con weekend isn't meant for you to sit back and do the usual.  Here is a list of restaurants in Shreveport, that are as unique as the Cosplay Characters you'll be seeing at Geek'd Con.

Flying Pig- Because the South speaks BBQ. Try the brisket, it's the perfect delicious fuel to keep you going all weekend long. The pulled pork over cheese grits is spectacular! If you like hearty meals, this is the perfect stop for you!

Flying Pig BBQ

Evi's Schnitzel Haus- You can get the traditional German schnitzel that would make any German grandma proud. May I recommend the Jaeger Schnitzel? A deep fried magnificent piece of pork, with mashed potatoes and superb gravy and mushrooms slathered over it. You'll have one of the best meals in Shreveport under ten dollars. You may want to take off that cosplay outfit and switch into some sweats or loosen up that belt before sitting down!

Gary Watson

Franks Pizza Napoletana- Yeah you've had some pizza in your time, however Franks Pizza has a fan base for a reason. Brick oven's take the win! Try the Fig & Pig, no I'm not talking about my ex, it's a one of a kind pizza that's for sure. The Yukon Cornelius is also a fan favorite. Keep in mind it's NOT Chicago style pizza, this is brick oven pizza that will have you coming back to Shreveport besides Geek'd Con of course!

Ross Land - Getty Images

Marilynn's Place- This old gas station turned restaurant is a magnificent place locals gather. The ambiance is unique and the food is Cajun heaven! The best of the South and North when it comes to getting your Cajun fix! If you're a Po Boy fan, this is your new favorite restaurant.

Todd Ward

Noble Savage- Although it's considered a bar, Noble Savage couldn't keep their chef a secret for long. Locals love the bar food, and many folks show up and order the Chef's nightly special with no questions asked. You'll have to wait until 6:00 p.m. to step in and experience the unique bar food, but the wait will be worth it.

Brad Bradley Photography