Who doesn’t love chips? They’re convenient, salty, inexpensive, available just about anywhere and the perfect way to enjoy a delicious dip.  Oh, and also they sometimes look like celebrities, video game characters and even Jesus. Wait…what??

In fact, chips are so popular, January 29th has been dubbed National Corn Chip Day. Of course, there has been no act of Congress, so it’s not an official national day. (At least not yet anyway.)

It’s obvious why we celebrate the corn chip, but why on January 29th? Who knows? Maybe it’s because the Super Bowl would sometimes fall on this special day and we would have more reasons to munch on the crunch. No matter the reason, we feel it’s important to remember all the enjoyment every variety of chip brings us by appreciating the ways they make themselves useful, not just as a snack, but as weird art too.

Take a look at some potato chips that resemble other things.

Heart-Shaped Chips

a heart in a potato chip

With the slightly better known holiday Valentine’s Day just around the corner, this chip has the perfect message for its would-be snacker. It almost says, “You love me, and you know what? I love you too.”

Heart chip for sale on eBay

If you haven’t decided what you’ll get your special someone for Valentine’s Day, there’s a heart-shaped potato chip for sale on eBay. But hurry, the sale ends on January 27th, and the price is already up to $.99.

The Rose Chip

a snack chip shaped like a rose

Maybe a heart is too much, but flowers are just the right thing. Of course, flowers are a limited expression of your feelings, since they die right away. How about a flower that’s also a snack chip? Then it will keep on giving at least until the receiver is done chewing. It was also once for sale on eBay, so we can only hope a lovely lady enjoyed it in a vase of onion dip.

Elvis Chips

SuZan Cole and her chip shaped like Elvis

Heart and flower-shaped chips aren’t the only snack chip cash cow on eBay. Back in 2008, Elvis chips were alive and well. This Oklahoma woman found one that actually bore a strong resemblance to the King (and Conan O’Brien) and put it up for auction on eBay.

not quite an Elvis chip

Then, again in 2010, someone was selling this supposedly Elvis-shaped chip on the popular auction site. The resemblance is a bit more difficult to see, but it is baked. There is no word on what the final sale price was, but we assume the seller can have all the chips he or she desires.

Jesus Chips

Jesus is another well-known figure who is notorious for making appearances on snack chips. In this enthralling video, one YouTuber shows off a rare find that was hidden in a pile of ridged potato chips with a grilled cheese sandwich.

Jesus chip for sale on eBay

If you’d rather have your own potato chip with the likeness of Christ, here’s your chance. There just happens to be one for sale on eBay. Of course, you’ll have to dig deep, these (not so) rare finds appear to be costly.

artful Jesus chip

If you prefer a more artistic representation of Jesus, this chip is the one for you. Maybe if you close one eye and squint a bit, you can see Him looking up in prayer, as depicted in many pieces of non-snack artwork. It may just convert you … to potato chips.

Jesus as a Cheeto

Okay, so a Cheeto isn’t exactly a chip, but this is still pretty strange. Fortunately, the Savior isn’t partial to any one kind of snack chip. In these videos, he is clearly making himself known through the cheesy, crunchy goodness of Cheetos. This seems to happen fairly frequently, but it is newsworthy every time.

Angel in a Chip

In case the Son of God is too busy to make a snack chip appearance, apparently he will sometimes send an angel in his stead. It just goes to show that even a salty snacker may not want to question the existence of a higher power.

International Snack Chip Video Game Face

General Raam in a Skip

We haven’t forgotten about video game enthusiasts or snack chips from far away places. In fact, we can hit two dips with one chip with this Skip, a crunchy tapioca snack chip from the UK, that looks like General Raam from the xBox 360 game ‘Gears of War.’

Koala or a Chip?

potato chip or koala

Finally, faces are easy, but how often do you find snack chips that look like animals, besides the ones that are actually made to look like animals. We don’t know if this little guy came from down under, but we’re guessing he ended up inside.

Spend a little time on the internet and you’ll see that corn chips aren’t just for snacking, they can be very artistic and entertaining. So, the next time you open a bag, don’t just shovel them in your mouth. Ponder each chip and squint your eyes until you can see the face of Elvis, or Chuck Woolery.

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