Bossier residents are not getting many answers from city leaders on the long term plan for making sure the city's water supply is safe.

Municipal water supply expert, Bob Bowcock tells KEEL News he's been trying to get a meeting with Bossier leaders, but he's been shut out. Bowcock says the city has the money to do things right, but they are not doing it.  He says it's perplexing to see what's happening in the city.

There was another positive test for a brain eating amoeba last week and the city is doing another chlorine burn. But Bowcock says that's not the best answer.  He says Bossier City has significant amounts of decayed organic matter in the water they get from the Red River which should be removed through better sedimentation and filtration pre-treatment processes.


Bowcock says if the organic matter is not removed properly, it can lead to harmful disinfection byproducts with the use of chlorine.

Bowcock spoke to students at LSUS Thursday and he continues to advocate for the public.  He works with consumer advocate Erin Brockovich of California and he's hoping to get her here this year for a public event to address the water issues in our community.

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