It's a tough call every year, and you have to make it multiple times. When your fantasy football team is getting drafted, when someone offers you a trade, or when you're setting your lineup on a tough match up week...what should you do with your favorite NFL team?

If your team is the Saints, you've actually been lucky over the years. You could easily draft Drew Brees and feel really good about it, or you've been able to target guys like Mark Ingram, Jimmy Graham, Michael Thomas, Brandin Cooks, or any of the other various offensive weapons that the team has had in the last 10 years.

But even when you have a guy like Ingram, there are some weeks you need to know if you should start them or not. Which is why I'm here now.

For week 2 of the 2017 NFL season, the Saints will host the New England Patriots. A game that should cause pause for some fantasy owners. So here's a quick rundown of what you should consider:

Drew Brees: PLAY THIS MAN. Unless you're in some super small league (or drafted weird) and have two stud QBs, there's no reason to not play Brees.

Mark Ingram/Adrian Peterson/Alvin Kamara: If you have any of these three, you might want to see if there's ANYONE else you can find on waivers or as a free agent, you might want to consider it.

Michael Thomas: Feel free to start him as usual.

Ted Ginn/Brandon Coleman: Only if you're desperate. There's no reason to expect either of these guys to do much outside of touchdowns.

Colby Fleener: See Ted Ginn/Brandon Coleman.

Defense: Against Tom Brady? This probably ins't a good idea, and hopefully you already knew that.

Anyone else on the Saints roster would be just trying to cash in a lotto ticket. Sure Michael Hoomanawanui might catch 3 redzone touchdowns, but that's really not likely.

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