We find ourselves where two roads meet this morning. The NBA Finals are in full swing, while at the same time Shreveport is arguing over whether or not they should become the home for an NBA-affiliated basketball team.

So while those two are swirling together, let's use the theme to have some fun. So I ask you: Can you name the Top NBA Scorers who were born in Shreveport? Maybe let's expand that a little first...we'll look at the Top Ten NBA Scorers from the entire state of Louisiana, and where they were born:

#10 - Bob Love, born in Bastrop - 13,895 Points

Bob Love spent most of his NBA career with the Chicago Bulls. While with Chicago, he averaged 21.3 points per game, to go along with a career average of 17.6 points per game.

#9 - Bill Russell, born in Monroe- 14,522 Points

Always in the mix for "Greatest NBA Player of All-Time", Bill Russell won 11 NBA Championships in 13 seasons. He averaged a double-double for his career, with 22.5 rebounds per game and 15.1 points per game.

#8 - Rashard Lewis, born in Pineville - 15,579 Points

2014 NBA Finals - Game Three
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Rashard Lewis is another NBA Champion on the list, winning the 2013 title with LeBron James and the Miami Heat. Lewis had three NBA season averaging over 20 points per game, all for the Seattle Supersonics.

#7 - Joe Dumars, born in Shreveport - 16,401 Points

Another NBA Champion, and another Hall of Fame member. Also, our first check in from Shreveport. Though he was born in Shreveport, he grew up in Natchitoches where he became a star at Natchitoches Central High School. He went onto star at McNeese State before getting drafted in the first round of the NBA Draft by the Detroit Pistons. He was the silent leader on the Bad Boys back-to-back NBA Championships in 1989 and 1990.

#6 - Antawn Jamison, born in Shreveport - 20,042 Points

Antawn Jamison was born in Shreveport, but eventually grew up in North Carolina. But will always have a reminder of Shreveport with him. The legend goes that Antawn's name was supposed to be spelled A-N-T-W-A-N, but the hospital misspelled the birth certificate, and it wasn't caught until it was too late. His family just continued to pronounce it the way they had originally planned.

#5 - Bob Pettit, born in Baton Rouge - 20,880 Points

Another NBA Champion from Louisiana, Pettit lead the St. Louis Hawks to the 1958 NBA Title. He was a two-time MVP (first ever winner of the NBA MVP Award), led the league in scoring twice, and did it all without the use of the 3-point line, or ability to dunk.

#4 - Clyde Drexler, born in New Orleans - 22,195 Points

Clyde the Glide. Another champion and another Hall of Fame member. Born in New Orleans, but grew up in Texas. Over his entire NBA career he averaged 20.4 points per game.

#3 - Robert Parish, born in Shreveport - 23,334 Points

One of the most recognizable, and most important sports figures in Shreveport history. Parish played at Woodlawn High Schools before heading to Centenary for his college career. He was the 8th overall pick in the first round of the 1976 NBA Draft, and went on to win 4 NBA Championships, including one with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in the 1996-97 season. Parish owns and NBA record that may never fall. He is the career leader in games played, with 1,611 games in his career (Dirk Nowitzki is the active leader, with 1,394).

#2 - Elvin Hayes, born in Rayville - 27,313 Points

Hayes played his high school basketball for the former Eula Britton High School in Rayville, La. He moved on to play his college basketball at Houston, before becoming the #1 overall pick in the 1968 NBA Draft. Like many on this list, Hayes won an NBA Championship in 1978.

#1 - Karl Malone, born in Summerfield - 36,928 Points

Ah, The Mailman. If you watched the NBA in the 1990s, you know this man very well. Malone was one of my favorite NBA players growing up (partially because of his stint in pro wrestling with WCW). He may be the greatest NBA player to never win an NBA Championship. He was also a Dream Team member, winning an Olympic Gold in 1992, and again in 1996.

There you go, 3 of the Top 10 from the state of Louisiana from Shreveport. Amazing stat isn't it?

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