With the 2017 class being inducted into Cooperstown Hall of Fame, just like every year, the debate about weather some baseball legends will ever be put into the Hall of Fame. The biggest argument is if  Pete Rose, the all-time leader in hits, at bats, and outs, In 2004, Rose admitted to gambling on games while as acting manager of the Cincinnati Reds. Rose has been banned for life from the MLB since he was accused of gambling on baseball games and on other sports as well.

Now, Barry Bonds is a different story Pete Rose. Bonds does not have a lifetime ban from baseball but he has the reputation of a cheater after suspicions of steroid use in 2007.Barry Bonds is the all-time leader in homeruns with 762 total. Let us know what you think if they should be in the HOF or if anyone else you think got snubbed off the ballot.

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