Bossier Parish students are getting ready for a new school year, which starts Monday, August 10.

Schools Superintendent D.C. Machen says getting the news that shows that the district has reaped the fruits of its labor helps validate the hard work of teachers and students.

"We're eagerly anticipating school performance scores and district performance scores. Unfortunately, they will not be release until late fall or early spring," Machen said. "But our teachers and administrators are geared up to ensure that we continue to provide quality, positive learning environments for our students and carry on our successes."

As far as staffing goes, Machen says Bossier Parish has been blessed to have not had any trouble attracting highly-qualified educators.

"With the exception of a couple of our special needs areas, we are completely staffed," Machen said. "However, with continued growth, the preliminary numbers that are coming in, is that we may be seeking additional staff at some of our schools in key areas, such as the Benton area and the Airline High School area."

The biggest change this school year is the addition of Kingston Elementary School. We had heard before the new school opened that some parents were worried about their children having to change schools. What are they saying now?

"I have to give Principal Gegg and her staff credit. She has worked with her staff and all of her teachers have gone out to the homes of every one of their students, to make sure and welcome them," said Machen. "So I think that once we got past the anxiety that comes with a change that the parents and the students and the community are 150% behind the school and looking forward to the wonderful year that they will have."

The school system is also taking precautions against the extreme heat that's in the forecast for next week. Parents are encouraged to send bottled water in their children's backpacks for the bus ride to and from school to ensure proper hydration. Ice, towels and water will be available on buses for emergency situations.

Drivers, principals and sports coaches have also been provided information on how to recognize signs of heat stroke and heat exhaustion.


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