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Many fans never thought they'd see this day, but Jared Leto will reprise is role as The Joker once again.

Leto played the legendary character in the 2016 movie Suicide Squad, which didn't exactly go as planned. The movie faced a ton of interference from Warner Brothers studio executives, all the way to the point of there being two competing cuts of the film. There were massive reshoots ordered, and the production schedule was already rushed to meet crazy demands. This all contributed to a Joker performance from Leto that left a lot of people pretty upset.

But Leto will get another shot at the character, and might be able to redeem himself. The second chance comes in the form of a movie that faced the same problematic treatment from Warner Brothers...Justice League. Jared Leto has been added to the new scene shot schedule for the Snyder Cut Justice League.

Now the Justice League movie did have a ton of issues with it, but not all of them can be placed at the feet of the Warner Brothers executives (like it can be with Suicide Squad), but a good portion of the blame can reside there. But tossing around blame isn't the point here.

The point is that Zack Snyder's cut of Justice League is on the the way, and it won't just be a recut of the old material. For the new version of Justice League, Snyder is being given a chance to shoot new scenes, or to reshoot scenes. In these new scenes is where we will see Leto's next shot at The Joker. Which means this isn't just old shots of Leto being reused, this is actually new content being created.


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