Do you love Taco Bell? Did you know that there is a wedding venue that’s perfect for Taco Bell lovers? Yup, you can get married in the same place where you get Taco Bell sauce packets that say “Will you marry me?” A couple from Bossier took their love of Taco Bell to a whole new level. Sarah Risser and TJ Kimbel decided to make the trip from Bossier to a Las Vegas Taco Bell that has become well known for uniting people in holy matrimony. The couple and their families traded in their turkey for tacos on Thanksgiving day. The couple celebrated their nuptials on November 22nd with their close family and tacos by their side.

Sarah Risser
Overall the photos make it look like it was a fun wedding full of laughter and tacos. A huge congrats to the Kimbels! This makes us wonder, will other fast food chains pick up on this money making idea? Would you do what this Bossier couple did? Would you get married at your favorite restaurant? Does anyone know if Chick-fil-A is down to host a wedding? Nuggets all around!