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More serious news coming from the Bossier City Police Department. Today we learned that Bossier City Mayor Tommy Chandler has asked the Fire & Police Civil Service Board to remove Chris Estess from his position as Chief of Police. The Board will call a Special Meeting to discuss the request, which will happen quickly. The Special Meeting is already set for tomorrow, Friday September 16th, at 3:30pm.

No reason for the request has been made public, but Chandler is the one who appointed Estess to the top of the Bossier City Police Department. Chandler made the move in July of last year, after Mayor Chandler put then Police Chief Shane McWilliams on administrative leave. McWilliams was placed on leave when he refused a reassignment when Chandler took office. Eventually McWilliams retired in January.

After McWilliams retired, Chandler made Estess the full Police Chief on April 26th of this year. Because there is a "probationary" type period for 6 months after a hire, Estess can be removed with a vote from the Civil Service Board.

According to a report from KTBS, the Special Meeting agenda regarding Estess says they will "investigative proceedings regarding allegations of misconduct."

Even though there is no information provided on the motive for this move, some have suggested it might have something to do with the ongoing federal investigation involving a Bossier City Police Officer. An investigation that has already involved an FBI raid of Bossier City Hall and the Bossier City Police Department.

Bossier Police Sgt. BJ Sanford was arrested and charged with a handful of crimes surrounding drugs and financial wrongdoings with the Bossier City Police Union. Reports indicate that other Bossier City Police employees were placed on administrative leave after Sanford's arrest. But again, there's no publicly announced correlation between the raid and these charges, and Chandler's call to remove Estess.

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