Tonight in Arlington, it's the fight for the great state of wise. The first-place Texas Rangers and the second to last-place Houston Astros duke it out!

It's a battle of first vs. worst not just in the standings, but on the pitching rubber as well. The Rangers send out one of their best pitchers, Yu Darvish (7-4, 3.72 ERA). The Astros send out Jordan Lyles (1-2, 5.40 ERA)  and to add, his overall stats are (3-10, 5.37 ERA)

Will this be the night Lyles begins to turn everything around?

The Rangers hope not, after a tough loss last night to the Arizona Diamondbacks 11-3, as Scott Feldman (0-6, 6.50 ERA) struggled yet again.

Lookout for the game tonight in Arlington at 7:05!

And, oh yeah...this is the trophy they are fighting for.