Those looking to catch up on a given Netflix series are more likely to buy (or borrow) a subscription than look for Blu-rays, but there may yet be a third option. Reports indicate that BoJack Horseman may strike a rare syndication deal that would see episodes of the acclaimed comedy airing on regular TV, rather than Netflix.

According to Deadline, Debmar-Mercury has partnered with Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Company to sell episodes of BoJack Horseman to basic cable, similar to how they’d previously sold South Park episodes to TV stations around the country. The report claims “This is believed to be the first such deal for an original Netflix series to get a second window on U.S. cable networks.” Said Debmar-Mercury:

In an era when addictive, laugh-out-loud comedies are in short supply, BoJack Horseman delivers what cable networks have been missing. Not only do we love the show but we think this horse-man can finally buck the trend in comedy, providing a strong alternative to conventional sitcoms.

Of course, there’s no small irony in BoJack himself having been a TV sitcom star, and now working for the streaming Philbert on (it makes sense if you’ve seen the show). Meanwhile, BoJack Horseman itself is renewed for a fifth season, likely due out later this year.

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