Yesterday was the last day for D.A.R.E. graduation ceremonies at Bossier Parish Schools. It was held at Plantation Park Elementary, where fifth graders received certificates for completing the drug awareness program.


As all the diplomas were handed out and each student proudly accepted theirs, one special student stood out among them all - Montrell Delaney - who is blind.

Montrell was able to complete the course thanks to a dedicated teacher, Suzanne Wilson. There were no D.A.R.E. booklets in Braille for Montrell to use, so Ms. Wilson transcribed the entire 33-page booklet into Braille, so Montrell could participate and graduate, which he did with a smile on his face.


Ms. Wilson is visually impaired and has worked with Montrell since he came to Plantation Park as a kindergartener. She says she's proud of all the D.A.R.E. graduates and especially of Montrell.

All the students were smiling, for having finished the course.

Students went through 16 weeks of learning how to say NO to drugs, bullying and bad choices.

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