Whether it’s deserving of classic status or notBlade Runner gave us one of the most beautiful posters ever to grace a science-fiction film. (The sequel’s poster ain’t too shabby either.) With Blade Runner 2049 opening in theaters tonight, and after spending most of the last week thinking about Ridley Scott’s original film (and looking at that poster on Amazon Video every time we clicked through to watch it) this seemed like the perfect time to find Blade Runner’s place among the greatest sci-fi posters ever made.

As always, the art of poster art is a tricky one, torn between aesthetic and commercial concerns. A movie poster has to look good, but it also has to convince someone to spend their money to see more. Beyond that, there were no fancy criteria for this ranking. It was plain and simple: The poster had to look good, and it had to belong to a science-fiction film. That was it.The titles on this list span the globe and the decades; one of these posters is 90 years old. Greatness doesn’t go out of style.

After you’re done enjoying this list, you can check out ScreenCrush’s rankings of the best disaster, action, and horror movie posters. (And if that’s not enough poster fun for you, we’ve also got a list of the best posters of 2016 too.) Of course, your personal picks for the best sci-fi posters are welcome in the comments below.

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