New York Comic-Con is always a swanky affair. Geeks from all over the Tri-State Area and beyond come dressed to impress — i.e. show off their amazing cosplay skills and their seriously dedicated fandom.

ScreenCrush was on hand at New York Comic-Con 2018 and while we were out and about roaming the panels, signing, and convention floor — if anyone knows where we can get an authentic animation cel from Rambo: The Force of Freedom let us know, it’s very important — we were also on the lookout for the best and most creative cosplay. We’ve assembled our 25 favorites in the gallery below, running the gamut from Marvel to DC to Ninja Turtles, to an eerily accurate Ken Doll. (Who even thinks of that? This one dude, apparently.)

As usual, we are blown away by the NYCC cosplayers’ incredible creativity (a female Freddy Krueger!) We didn’t dress up ourselves — there’s no way we could compete with these amazing designs. But it made us wish we had the ability to make, say, 45 Multiple Man costumes and hire a bunch of dudes to wander the floor with them. Maybe someday this great dream will come true. (Seriously, now: Rambo: The Forces of Freedom cels. Who’s got some?)

So here they are: The best and brightest of New York Comic-Con 2018. Shine on you crazy, dork diamonds. And remember, NYCC 2019 is only 362 days away, so you better start sewing that Magneto plays for the New York Mets costume now.

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