The Broken Lizard officers of the Vermont State Troopers will soon ride again with the release of its Kickstarter-funded sequel, but the comedy troupe’s Beerfest may also pour another glass in the near future. A new Beerfest series is reportedly in the works at The CW, but will Broken Lizard itself have any involvement?

According to Deadline, digital network CW Seed has begun development of a new Beerfest series with Blue Ribbon Content, Warner Bros’ shortform digital series production unit. Original movie producer Billy Gerber will help develop the series for a 2016 launch, coinciding with the film’s ten-year anniversary, though the team itself isn’t exactly enthused with the idea:

For those unfamiliar, Broken Lizard member and star Jay Chandrasekhar directed the original film, which followed two brothers (Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske) as they travel to Oktoberfest and discover a centuries-old beer-drinking competition. The movie also featured the likes of Will Forte, Donald Sutherland and Cloris Leachman, among others.

For the moment at least, it doesn’t appear as if the original team will have much involvement, but you can check out the original trailer below.

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