One of the most iconic actors in comic book related film and TV has passed away. It was announced early today that Adam West, the man many grew up with as Batman, died at the age of 88.

West became Batman in 1966, and though the show only lasted three season by definition, that meant 120 total episodes. West's Batman franchise also spun off into a feature film in 1966. Over one-hundred episodes and a full length movie created an iconic version of Batman that only Adam West could ever play. Which he proved as he found ways to return to the role, through voice-acting and other Batman spin-offs.

In addition to Batman, West will be fondly remembered for roles in Family Guy, The Adventures of Pete & Pete, and The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

Adam West took a comic book icon, and turned the character into a pop culture icon. Most of what we know of Batman today would likely not exist if Adam West was never given a chance to create a version of Batman that will live on forever.

For that, we are forever grateful Mr. West.

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