I'm not sure if it's written somewhere in Louisiana's lawbooks, but it would appear that one of the things worse than some of Louisiana's roads, is the actual construction work to fix those roads.

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Obviously, we appreciate the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development doing all they can to make our travel as safe as possible, but nonetheless, any time they are on the scene, it means that "someone has moved our cheese."

One of those occasions will take place this week. And with that, you'll need to figure some additional time into your commute if you travel the affected area.

On Thursday, March 10, the DOTD has given motorists the heads up that from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm, LA 3132 Eastbound (Terry Bradshaw Passway) at Exit 7, (I-49 Northbound & Southbound) will be closed to I-49 Northbound traffic.

This is to allow for the attenuator at the Northbound and Southbound split to be repaired.

The La. DOTD suggests the following alternative route:

Traffic for I-49 Northbound will detour to LA 523 (Ellerbe/Line Avenue), then LA 3132 Westbound, and finally exit to I-49 Northbound.

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