The State Attorney General has issued an opinion in the dispute over Airport Authority members in Shreveport.


Mayor Adrian Perkins asked 3 members of the Airport Authority to resign. Those 3 are Mary Jackson, Waynette Ballengee and Margaret Shehee, but the women refused to step aside saying the charter outlines their term of service and they claimed the Mayor did not have the authority to remove them.

This is the opinion KEEL News obtained this afternoon:

The 3 women on the Airport Authority issued this statement:

Mayor Perkins has nominated replacements for these women, but they have not been confirmed by the City Council. That is not likely to happen now that the state Attorney General has issued this opinion. But legal folks disagree over this.  The City Attorney says the Mayor does have the Authority to remove members of the Airport Authority.

KEEL News has reached out to the Mayor's Office for a comment but have not heard from him yet.