The cast of an Atlanta morning radio show has been fired after mocking former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason who battles Lou Gehrig's disease.

The show, "Mayhem In The AM," aired on 790 The Zone on Monday morning. General manager Rick Mack said in a statement that the station regrets comments made about Steve Gleason.

The hosts on 790 The Zone were Nick Cellini, Steak Shapiro and Chris Dimino.

In the bit, two of the on-air personalities took a call from a third host who pretended to be Gleason by using an automated voice that sounded like another famous ALS patient, Stephen Hawking.

The host pretending to be Gleason told a series of jokes and eventually asked the two others to do him a favor by smothering him.

All three took to Twitter on Monday evening to apologize to fans and others who criticized the segment. Listeners and critics turned to the station's Facebook page to call for the hosts' termination.

The Atlanta Falcons even made a statement rejecting the radio host's comments.

"The content concerning Mr. Gleason was completely inappropriate and is not representative of the views of the Falcons organization, nor does it represent the way we conduct our business on and off the field," the statement said. "To single out Steve the way he was this morning is totally lacking in taste and discretion."

[Original story - 6/17] A couple of classless radio personalities from an Atlanta morning radio show have been suspended indefinitely after airing a three minute bit that mocked former New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason who is currently battling ALS.

790 the Zone DJ's involved has since taken to twitter to apologize.

moving guest column penned by Gleason appears on the Sport Illustrated website.

Gleason, of course, became famous to Saints fans, and infamous to Atlanta Falcon fans for his emotional blocked punt in the Saints return to the Superdome following Hurricane Katrina.


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