Dyeing Easter eggs is a ritual that comes along with Spring and Easter. But if you plan on eating said dyed eggs, you better be careful or it might not be all it's cracked up to be.

When I was little, dying Easter eggs was something that we did every year. But I was always told not to eat them. Thinking back, I never really wanted to eat them...eating a blue egg just seemed kinda strange. So, that got me to thinking...are dyed eggs safe to eat if you wanted to?

According to goodhousekeeping.com, here are a few tips to follow if you do plan on eating your colorful eggs.

  • Don't dye an eye that has a crack in it
  • Use food grade dyes (egg-coloring kits and cake decorating supplies are safe choices)
  • Don't eat an egg that has been out a the refrigerator for longer than two hours (that seems to be common sense to me, but you'd be surprised at some people)
  • Definitely don't eat eggs that have been on the ground for a hunt

Happy Easter and enjoy your eggs!



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