New Orleans Pelcians All-Star Forward Anthony Davis says he’s given the New Orleans franchise all that he can and it’s time to move on.

Anthony Davis spoke to the media Friday, and didn't shy away from his request to leave New Orleans, but didn't show any anger towards fans, the city of New Orleans, or the state of Louisiana. Saying "I gave the city, the organization, the fans, you know, everything I feel like I could".

Everything Davis said was true. Davis was drafted into the New Orleans organization, and has played at least 60 games a season for the Pels since 2012. He's been an All Star all but one of those years, and that was his rookie year. He's dragged the team into the playoffs twice, including a 4-game sweep of Portland to start the playoffs last year.

Davis has even given New Orleans a contract extension in hopes that the franchise would try to win. Which they did once. They went out to get Rajon Rondo and traded for DeMarcus Cousins to surround Davis with talent. However they allowed both of those All Stars to leave New Orleans, leaving Davis alone once again.

Davis did not give a timetable on when he would like to be traded, and didn’t provide any preferred destinations. Which would be considered tampering by the NBA rules.

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday.

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