A police officer in Pineville is now behind bars after filing a false report claiming he was shot after being ambushed.

You most likely have seen the story lately of the Pineville police officer who was ambushed at a local shopping center and shot. At the time, CrimeStoppers offered a 5,000 dollar reward for information leading to an arrest. The officer, John Goulart Jr, suffered minor injuries and was released from the hospital on Monday.

On Tuesday, Goulart was arrested for filing a false report.

An investigation was launched the moment Goulart shared his story as to how he ended up with a bullet wound, and quickly, it became clear that Goulart was not ambushed at all. In fact, the investigation found that not only was he not ambushed, but that he wasn't shot by anyone... Except himself.

The investigation found that the gunshot wound suffered by Officer Goulart was self-inflicted. Deputy Chief of Pineville PD, Darrell Basco, says, "He shot himself. We’re still piecing together additional information as far a timeline but through the investigation, it was confirmed that it was self-inflicted and no one shot him.”

As you can imagine, Deputy Chief Basco is upset not only for his local law enforcement officers but officers nationwide. He says, "It puts some tarnish on the badge of every law enforcement officer with our department especially, and officers across the state of Louisiana and across America who go to work every day and do what they are supposed to do.”


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