Saturday night, Adam Cole made his NXT debut, taking out new champ Drew McIntyre. The Brooklyn crowd popped HARD for AC's arrival. But, unless you are super into indy wrestling, you many not know who Adam Cole is.

Out of all the wrestlers people were excited to see in WWE, Adam Cole may be the biggest with the most upside. As great as AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Nakamura are, they are on the backsides of their careers. Adam Cole is only 27 and as good as he is now, still has room to grow as a performer and many years of work ahead of him.

Speaking of his in ring work, dude is absolutely amazing. AC has all the technical ability of Ric Flair and athletic prowess of Shawn Michaels. Dude can really do it all in the ring. And, on the mic, he's as good as it gets.

Barring any major mishaps, Cole is the future of WWE. As far as young guys go, he's the best non-WWE produced talent in decades. To get yourself familiar with ADAM COLE BAYBAY, here are some his best matches and moments.

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