You always knew you'd go down in history with the great and it looks like you may have been right.

Does anyone remember when it was popular to post a photo of your celebrity doppelganger on social media. It was really big on Facebook back in 2010. I remember because at the time I was living in NYC working at the same radio station my doppelganger worked at (Michelle Beadle). I'm thinking we'll see a resurgence of this trend, but this time it will be with famous works of art. This is thanks to the most popular app on the market right now, according to NPR.

Google Arts and Culture app.

I know what you're asking yourself right now... Why? Are we suddenly cultured? Is fine art the biggest trend in 2018? Well, maybe temporarily. This app just developed a feature that allows us to upload selfies that then match us to famous portraits were there is definitely a facial resemblance. The results are hilarious!

...or Kate Hudson.

The only issue with this app is that it's not available everywhere. Well, let me correct myself. It seems to be available everywhere except for Texas and Illinois. I guess there's not enough culture in those states.

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