Anyone who watches lots of football likely has a few pet peeves when it comes to the broadcasters.

One thing that's always annoyed me is an announcer referring to any former Pro Bowl player as an "All-Pro".

A Pro Bowler is not an All-Pro. A Pro Bowler is a Pro Bowler.

An All-Pro is a player who makes the NFL's prestigious AP All-Pro team.

The All-Pro team (first and second team) is more exclusive, is not divided by conference, and is harder to make. It also doesn't include a fan vote, which will always skew Pro Bowl voting to glamour franchises or fanbases who spend more time online.

As a result, undeserving players end up making the Pro Bowl, while others are snubbed.

Add in the fact that many players sit out the game, and the alternates turn into players who are okay pros, but don't resemble an All-Star.

The Saints third-string quarterback last season Trevor Siemian was once invited to a Pro Bowl as an alternate when he played for the Broncos. He ultimately declined due to an injury.

Trevor Siemian
Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

With respect to Siemian, he has never come close to ever getting an All-Pro vote, much less making an All-Pro team.

Wouldn't it be odd to refer to Siemian as an All-Pro quarterback?

New Orleans Saints linebacker DeMario Davis has consistently been the biggest Pro Bowl snub of this generation. He's never been a Pro Bowler. But he's damn sure an All-Pro.

Saints linebacker Demario Davis #56
Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images

Davis's inclusion on the AP All-Pro team for the third consecutive year is further proof of that.

Sorry Siemian, but Davis is truly an All-Pro.

He was voted to the AP All-Pro second team today.

New Orleans special teamer J.T. Gray, who is one of 4 Saints Pro Bowlers this season, earned first-team honors, becoming the only member of the team to be both an All-Pro and Pro Bowler this season.

It marks the second All-Pro honor for Gray, who was a 2nd team All-Pro in 2019.

It's the third overall and third consecutive All-Pro team for Davis, who was a 1st team All-Pro in 2019, and 2nd team All-Pro in 2020 and 2021.

Both players grew up in Saints country, hailing from Mississippi.

Two other members of the 2021 Saints received All-Pro votes but did not make the team.

Safety Marcus Williams earned two votes, while cornerback Marshon Lattimore earned one.

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