The NFL's Cleveland Browns will appear on HBO’s 2018 Hard Knocks HBO television series. Cleveland is coming off an 0-16 season and have the number one pick in Baker Mayfield.

It’s also a chance for fans to learn more about former LSU wide receiver Jarvis Landry, who was traded to Cleveland and signed a long term deal with the Browns. That deal is for 5 years, and is worth about $75 million, with almost $50 million guaranteed.

Some scouts and analysts have tried to paint Landry as a "locker room problem" because he's very outspoken. However Landry doesn't have any major off-field issues or suspensions on his resume. But Hard Knocks will put Landry on camera often enough to where players, fans, and coaches will get to fully understand what the voices are talking about...or to see how wrong those scouts are.

One of the analysts who's spoken out on Landry is CBS Sports' Greg Gabriel:

It will be interesting to see how Landry, and the rest of the Browns, come off on Hard Knocks. Will they look like a team on the rise, or an 0-16 franchise?


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