Did you know it's illegal to gargle in public in Louisiana? Seriously, it's actually on the books in the bayou state! Television reporters aren't allowed to throw candy during a parade either... I ran across a website called DumbLaws.com and the levels of ridiculousness are well, ridiculous! Have fun because these are pretty hilarious!

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    Pizza Pranks

    Don't even think of pranking a buddy by having an unexpected pizza delivered. That Johnny's Sweep the Swamp is gonna get pretty pricey if you get slapped with the $500 fine that comes with it!

  • Win McNamee/Getty Images
    Win McNamee/Getty Images

    Don't Pee in the Water Supply

    You'd think this was a no brainer, but when you really think of it, pretty much everything everywhere makes it into our water supply. I guess my man can't go water the backyard with the dogs anymore... It could cost him $500 or 5 years in the pokie!

  • Anya Semenoff/The Denver Post via Getty Images
    Anya Semenoff/The Denver Post via Getty Images


    Don't get it confused, we're actually talking about 'Foosball' as opposed to 'Football' like in the movie Waterboy... Did you know that in Jefferson Parish minors can't go into establishments with coin operated foosball machines unless accompanied by an adult.

  • Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images
    Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post via Getty Images

    Don't hurt yourself if you're in prison

    If you're incarcerated in the state of Louisiana, don't even think of self-mutilation so you can spend some time in the hospital. Why? If you do, your sentence could be extended by up to two years!

  • Tim Graham/Getty Images
    Tim Graham/Getty Images

    No Voodoo in New Orleans

    Practicing voodoo is okay, just don't do it within New Orleans city limits. Fortunetelling is a big no-no!

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