One of my favorite WWE PPVs every year, hands down, is WWE Extreme Rules. A lot of people look at the title of the event and immediately think its a throwback to the ECW days. While they do feature matches with extreme violence, it is a whole lot more than that.

Every match on the card has some sort of stipulation on it. Whether it be a ladder match, pin fall anywhere, (insert weapon) on a stick match, etc.. And over the years, no matter how the PPV looked on paper, the WWE has delivered some amazing matches! Here are some of my personal favorites. And, by the way, if you watch Extreme Rules this Sunday, look for me because I will be in the audience!

2012- Chris Jericho v CM Punk

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 CM Punk vs Chris Jericho by wweuniverseunofficial

2011- Alberto Del Rio v Christian

Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio Ladder Match... by SmarksWrasslin

2009- Edge v Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy Vs. Edge Extreme Rules 07.06.09 by nami-ki

2014- The Shield v Evolution

Evolution vs The Shield (Extreme rules 2014) by thetexasrattlesnake

2012- John Cena v Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs Brock Lesnar Extreme Rules Match... by leojacksontlc945