Earlier this year, I took the family to Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Since it was a long road trip, we obviously had to stop a few times for snacks.  One such stop was in a little town in Arkansas called Fouke.

Fouke is near an area commonly referred to as "Boggy Creek."  The area around Fouke and Boggy Creek has been a hotbed of activity for crypto-zoologists since the 1940's who swear that it is home to the Fouke Monster.  Long time residents tell stories of gigantic footprints, terrifying sounds, and even encounters with a Bigfoot-like creature.  Some even have mementos from run-ins and "evidence," that proves the creature's existence.

Fouke Foot
Brandon Michael - TSM

In 1972, this legend inspired an advertising salesman from Texarkana to produce a movie about this monstrous phenomenon.  Charles B. Pierce borrowed $100,000 from a local trucking company to make a film entitled "The Legend of Boggy Creek."  This classic "creature-feature," left its giant mark on horror movies for years to come, and has certainly become a cult classic.

The movie was shot in Fouke, where many of the sightings that fueled the legend were first reported, and contained many of the townspeople in staged interviews and recreations of the most famous encounters where they supposedly first occurred.  Although the movie has found its way into the heart of many a Bigfoot fan, time has not been kind to the original film it was shot on.

Recently, the 47 year old flick underwent a major restoration at the George Eastman Museum in Rochester, New York. This week, you can see the restored, 4K version of "The Legend of Boggy Creek" at the Robinson Film Center.  The downtown destination for film lovers will be showing this classic drive-in style feature on Friday at 3:50 p.m., 5:45 p.m. and 7:40 p.m.

If you are head-over-big-heels in love with the legend of Sasquatch, you can also catch a special screening and Q&A session with some of the films stars this weekend at the 2019 Texas Bigfoot Conference in Jefferson, Texas on Saturday night.

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