This newscast is from KTBS 3's 'Nightcast' from March of 1992...27 years ago. But when you watch it back, pretty much every story could play today.

Let's travel back in time with Al Pierce, Liz Swain, Ed Duranczyk, and Ed Baswell to see what's going on in 1992...

They lead with budget concerns in Baton Rouge and a Governor trying to come to terms with a legislature on holding a budget together with quick fixes. Ring any bells (or John Bels)? They tie-into that with a list of school-based proposals and insurance issues.

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After that, they go right into crime. Drive-by shootings, rallies against violence, and outreach programs with slogans, logos, and shirts.

After that, it gets a little less local, with a camping accident involving a shooting, a court case involving a Sheriff from Arkansas, and a tragic story about a Bossier police officer diagnosed with leukemia.

Then they move to scam stories, much like we hear about today. But instead of credit cards at gas pumps and email (things that they would consider to be out of a Marty McFly movie) they're looking at phone scams and money order scams around Shreveport. But really, the way that the scammers were working the first one is JUST LIKE the Nigerian Prince who's been pitching me diamonds in my Gmail.

Then it's investigative reporting on lemon scented bleach.

What's next? Flooding in Bossier Parish. Of course, because even though this is 27 years old, it's still from Louisiana.

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Then it's into weather, which is pretty normal stuff. But after that, we're into national stories. Among those, there's political stories including Ross Perot and Democratic Presidential Candidates Jerry Brown and Bill Clinton. Of note, Jerry Brown was pitching a flat tax as a Democrat in 1992, an idea that has commonly found it's place among many Republicans today.

More national stories, this time on aging.

But after that, we're heading into sports! This should be the stuff of legends.

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How about a recap of the Airline Vikings 1992 Girls Basketball State Champions!?! Check out that trophy, and I'm sure that commemorative basketball still has a home on the Airline campus.

Oh, and then boxing news. Back when boxing mattered in America. But this one was at least semi-local. With George Foreman getting back into the ring, and the training going on in Marshall, Tx.

Then we have a note on the New Orleans Saints, and a note about the leadership of the Champion Lake Pro Classic water skiing event.

We'll hit a community events calendar on the way out, before a final check on weather...and that's your news from 1992.

Seriously though...nearly everyone of those stories exists in 2019 Shreveport. Fights in Baton Rouge over the budget, crime issues in the streets, local scammers, flooding issues in Bossier Parish, local high school sports champions, and some issues with pro sports in Shreveport. Just change some names around, and you have a newscast from today, back in 1992.