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Here in Louisiana, seeing an alligator isn't that odd of an experience. Those living on or around many of our various lakes, rivers or bayous can attest to seeing them on a near daily basis.

However, seeing one of these massive beasts estimated to be around thirteen feet in length isn't something that many of us can ever lay claim to. I'm sure lots of us have seen one that would exceed eleven or twelve feet, but a thirteen footer is a sheer monster.

To be honest though, the largest gator ever taken in Louisiana was 19.2 feet long and weighed approximately 2,000 pounds. According to Ask.com, it was killed in 1890 near Vermillion Bay in South Louisiana, so seeing one 13 feet long, isn't completely out of the question. It's just not probable.

Basically the same holds true for Floridians. They see gators; lots of gators. But when you're actually in the water duck hunting and a 13 footer pops his head out of the water nearby and decides he wants to eat the duck you've just shot, you let him. Of course, you have to video the occasion for posterity.

According to fox13news.com, that's exactly what happened in Leesburg, Florida when duck hunters Kevin Stipe and Cass Couey.  They just videoed it and apparently it continued to happen. Every time they'd shoot a duck, this beast would eat their duck and there really wasn't much they could do about it.

Just check out the video we found on YouTube uploaded by Pro Hunt.

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