Of course Louisiana is the birthplace of Terry Bradshaw, the Robertson clan and Kix Brooks. You are welcome world!

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The "Thank You" might be a little more debatable considering we're also the birthplace of Britney Spears.

However, Louisiana is also where the world got gumbo, jazz, Community Coffee and Tabasco sauce, and yet we still don't hear the applause whenever we go out of town.

Louisiana Is Responsible For Inventions That You Might Not Know About

Louisiana has also made a number of other contributions to the world that even those who've lived here their entire lives might not know about.

Did you know that in the food world alone, you can trace the roots of beignets, bananas foster, oysters Rockefeller, po’boys and jambalaya right back here to the Bayou State.

Again world, you are welcome. Especially for the beignets and jambalaya.

The website onlinyourstate.com listed a number of other inventions and creations with their roots laced with Spanish moss and Tony Chachere's.

Take a look at these 10 Amazing Things The World Can Thank Louisiana For and see if you don't also feel like we should be applauded any time we cross the state line!

10 Amazing Things The World Can Thank Louisiana For

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