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Another New Orleans Saint Placed On Injured Reserve
It feels like this nightmare will never end.
Ever since the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, it seems like the team has been cursed by injuries. Almost like there was some kind of weird voodoo deal made, where the franchise exchanged a Super Bowl victory for 50 years of injury plagued seasons..…
Injuries Already Piling Up For The Saints
It felt like the New Orleans Saints might be finally getting set for their first healthy season in a few years. But then one player goes down here, one there, and next thing you know, you have three major players missing Week 2.
Hopefully the Saints efforts to add depth in the offseason start paying …
Why Did The Saints Let CJ Spiller Go?
It probably shouldn't have been, but it was a surprise when the New Orleans Saints let CJ Spiller go earlier this week. But the actual reason was deeper than what some assumed. The move wasn't just performance can get the whole story here from the Louisiana Radio Network:
"Saints Coa…
The New Orleans Saints Have Cut One Of Their Biggest Names
The New Orleans Saints seem to always sign a lot of running backs. Mostly because they USE a lot of running backs, but also because running backs seem to get hurt often when wearing the black and gold.
One of the big name additions to the Saints backfield over the last few years was CJ Spiller, who c…
We Now Know How Long The Saints Will Miss Delvin Breaux
There was more than one tough loss for the New Orleans Saints this past weekend. The team lost on a last second missed field goal from their rookie kicker, and now the team knows they've lost CB Delvin Breaux for a few weeks.
Here's more from the Louisiana Radio Network:
"The Saints…
Only One Saints Player Ruled Out For Sunday
Injuries have plagued the New Orleans Saints franchise for the last few seasons, especially on the defensive side of the ball. But this season appears to be getting off on the right foot.
Heading into the season opener on Sunday, the Saints appear to have only one player who will miss time for the Bl…
Saints And Drew Brees Close To New Contract
He's the greatest player in franchise history, you have to pay him to keep him into retirement...right?
Drew Brees hasn't spent his entire career in New Orleans, but when he came to the Saints as a free agent, the fortunes of the entire franchise changed...

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