Seems like by now you hear this statement every few weeks but ex-NFL player Johnny Manziel is in legal trouble yet again. And another shocker it has to do with an incident at a bar!

Manziel is being sued for breaking Eric Newtons nose who was an employee at a Austin area bar called New York, New York. The lawsuit states on September 6, 2016, Manziel was upstairs at a private party at New York, New York, when he "demanded that Mr. Newton prepare several drink orders, which Mr. Newton could not do, as he was not an actual bartender." Manziel allegedly followed Mr Newton, "About a minute or so later, Mr. Manziel came downstairs, ran behind the bar, cursed at Mr. Newton, and punched him in the face, breaking Mr. Newton's nose," the lawsuit says. "newton grabbed Manziel to stop the attack, and both fell to the floor. Mr. Manziel then got up and ran out the back staff exit before police arrived." 

KETK reports that Eric Newton is seeking over $200,000 in damages.