Earlier this week, the internet LIT UP about 24/7 Wall St.'s list of the 20 Drunkest Cities In America. Mostly because we've become a society that likes to celebrate this kind of thing, and partially because we were all afraid our city would land on the list.

For some states, it was a point of pride to land cities on the list...looking at you Wisconsin.

See, I had a chance to live in Wisconsin for a few years, and they take their drinking seriously. So much so, that it's not even recognized. No body finds drinking to be weird IN ANY WAY. You can get beer at pizza joints, arcades, even places that host kid's birthday parties.

Hell, even their professional baseball team is named BREWERS, and they play at Miller Park.

Honestly, there's nothing wrong with anything Wisconsin does. Because as a state, as a public, they hold their booze WELL. They don't have the same kind of issues you find other places. Like New Orleans.

NoLa is another place I love. But it's also a place that people, who clearly CAN'T hold their liquor, go to prove how big of a light-weight they are. New Orleans is the opposite of Wisconsin; I may have seen 1 or 2 people drink until they had to puke in all of my years in Wisconsin, and the last time I was in New Orleans, I think it was a matter of minutes until I witness someone toss their daiquiri through reverse-peristalsis.

Anyway, here's the list:

20. Corvallis, OR
19. Iowa City, IA
18. Lincoln, NE
17. Milwaukee-Waukesha-West Allis, WI
16. Janesville-Beloit, WI
15. Racine, WI
14. Grand Forks, ND-MN
13. Missoula, MT
12. Sheboygan, WI
11. Wausau, WI
10. Mankato-North Mankato, MN
9. Eau Claire, WI
8. Ames, IA
7. Fond du Lac, WI
6. La Crosse-Onalaska, WI-MN
5. Fargo, ND-MN
4. Madison, WI
3. Green Bay, WI
2. Oshkosh-Neenah, WI
1. Appleton, WI

Right? Who do you NOT see on there? New Orleans.

I was fully prepared to see New Orleans as #5 on the list, or at least Top 10...but to have them not appear anywhere on the list is mind-blowing. I will say, a lot has to do with the methodology that the "research" used, by asking the residents of the cities about their drinking habits, you are skewing you data.

Most of the people getting hammered in New Orleans aren't from there, so that's where our disconnect happens.

But maybe we've stumbled upon something new. Maybe when people from New Orleans want to get away, and find someplace to drink their faces off, they should head to the land of the cheese. Go to Wisconsin!