One of those stories that could be huge, tried to sneak by this week. Thankfully, the Louisiana Radio Network was there to pounce on it. Here's their note:

"With the Big 12 looking at expansion, Tulane athletic director Troy Dannen says they would be interested in joining the league."

That's right, New Orelans' Tulane University could be joining a Power 5 football conference.

Back in 2011, the Big 12 lost Nebraska (to the Big 10) and Colorado (Pac-12), but those schools were replaced in 2012 with TCU and West Virginia. But that same year, the conference lost Missouri and Texas A&M to the SEC. So for a few seasons, the Big 12 has been playing with 10 teams.

But don't get too hung up on the math, the Big 10 has 14 teams.

Tulane played in the SEC long ago (pre-1966) before becoming an Independent school for decades. But more recently the team played in Conference USA and now makes their home in the American Athletic Conference. So moving into a conference like the Big 12 would be a serious step-up.

This little note, a mention from the AD, isn't enough to say it's a done deal. But what we've learned in cases like this, more often than not, where there's smoke, there's fire.