I recently saw a U-Haul truck with a large photo of a dolphin on the side and underneath this beautiful picture were the words "St. Petersburg, Florida, World Class Dolphin Watching". It got me to thinking what a great slogan and a perfect way to attract visitors to that Florida city.

But what would Shreveport's slogan be if we had the opportunity to be featured on the side of U-haul trucks? I'm serious. What is the one thing that would attract people to our city. Is it gambling. Or maybe the American Rose Center. It could be the great fishing and outdoor activities. We could be called the Home of the Independence Bowl. There are many other choices.

So I put the question out there to our listeners and I am so very sad to say the responses I got were 95% negative. Why do we hate on ourselves so much? Here are some of the crazy responses we got:

The Best Drive By Ever

Duck and Cover


The best thing that ever happened to Bossier

Sportsman paradise or open carry!

There were hundreds of them on our poll and our Facebook page. This really got me fired up today. Please pardon my language in this segment. But I got mad!


Do you have something positive to say about Shreveport? I'd really like to hear that. I've heard enough of the negativity. Yes, some of it is funny. But isn't there something you love about this city?


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