No surprise at all today when Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins announced his choice for the post of Chief of Police for the city.

Interim Chief Wayne Smith has been named to the post. Smith has been serving in that capacity since Ben Raymond was asked to step down in August of last year. Smith was named substitute chief at that time.

9 candidates applied to be Chief of Police. Perkins thanked all of the candidates who applied, but said he is very confident in Chief Smith and he is pleased with the job he is doing. He says Chief Smith has implemented many changes to address crime in our community.

Smith says he will continue to work close together with everyone in the community to make our community a safe place to live. "I have served this wonderful community as a police officer for over 40 years. I've served this community during its best and its worst time." The Chief says he understands the great sense of urgency to get things done in a short period of time. Smith says "positive change is taking place and progress is being made."

attachment-Perkins and Smith

Perkins was asked why he did not interview the other candidates and he responded by saying "it is not mandatory to interview them and we had the confidence in Chief Smith to be able to lead our city."

Perkins also said in 45-60 days, he and the Chief will unveil a comprehensive plan to prevent crime in our city. This will involve several entities across our entire community.

Councilman Grayson Boucher tells KEEL News

“Of all of candidates I feel most comfortable with Wayne and he’s making progress on the crime fighting front. Some of the changes he has made are already showing progress.”

John Nickelson tells KEEL

“Chief Smith is an excellent choice to serve as our city’s next permanent chief of police, and I am confident the Council will unanimously confirm him.”

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