Somewhere, Governor John Bel Edwards is having a good laugh.

In case you aren't aware, Louisiana is in the national eye these days with a critical governor's race coming down to the wire. This race is so important to the republicans, that President Donald Trump is holding two rallies in our state for Republican candidate Eddie Rispone over the course of 8 days.

Trump was in Monroe last Wednesday, and he'll be in Shreveport this upcoming Thursday.

By now, you've seen the plethora of political ads from both sides, taking aim at each other. They are intense, and you can't avoid them... Personally, I'm ready to stop seeing them. However, I've seen them so much that I practically have both sides nailed down.

The republican side says that our state's economy is horrific due to Edward's leadership, while the democrats claim the economy in our state is very much on the rise.

Well, the White House's official Twitter account certainly isn't doing their candidate of choice any favors.

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