If you're not ready to forget our snow day quite yet, check out this awesome video shot by of the best videographers around!

I've had the pleasure to work countless events with Roger Braniff and Braniff Productions over the years. Anytime I get set-up to do a wedding and see Roger and his son walk in, I get excited. When Braniff Productions is shooting the night, you know the final product will be top-notch.

Don't believe me?? Just check out his incredible short New Years video taken at our NYE wedding!


I was pleasantly surprised when I got on Facebook this afternoon to see his most recent video. After all, it's not every day these days that you can get on Facebook and actually have a nice experience, but that's what Roger provided today!

Like so many of you, Roger was excited about our mini-Winter Wonderland to kick off the week. He decided to get the camera out, as well as the drone, to capture truly remarkable and beautiful footage of our snow day.

Shreveport, it may be years before we see actual snow again, so bookmark this video and watch as many times as needed to take you right back to that special day!





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