LeBron James allows the Heat to survive one more game, Game 7, after a 98-79 victory in Beantown.

LeBron put up 45 points (19 for 26 shooting from the field) and grabbing a hold of 15 rebounds, a big game for 'Bron, that allows the Heat and the Celtics to prepare for a big game 7 in South Beach.

Dwayne Wade wanted his input in this game and added 17 points in his effort, for Miami.

The Heat, defensively, weren't too bad, holding the Celtics' Kevin Garnett to 12 points, and holding Paul Pierce to only NINE points and holding him to shoot 4 for 18 from field goal range.

The shining star for the Celtics was Rajon Rondo scoring 21, and grabbing 10 rebounds.

If the Heat play this well in Game 7, they probably, most likely, assuredly will win!

Can the Heat send the Celtics home, unlucky? We'll see tomorrow night at 7:30!