As we close in on Halloween, lots of people try to find the best haunted houses and places in Shreveport-Bossier. I have visited several local sites that are reportedly haunted and did find some strange things. However, Hauntedla has several spots on their website with some history of each one.

Ellerbe Road School

Haunted Ellebe School

The school is way out Ellerbe Road and is frequented by teens who continue to spread the story of the ghosts roaming the property. The school started out as a school for black children.It was later integrated, but closed because of low enrollment numbers. The school has been vacant for many years. Here are some of the stories you might hear about the school.

There are reports of a fire at the school that killed some students. This has never been verified.  You might also hear a story about a janitor who molested some of the students. He and some students went missing. This is another unsubstantiated story. I have visited the school several times and only once did something happen that you might consider spooky. During a winter time visit the group I was with felt the presence of someone in the breezeway of the school. We were the only people on the property...there were no other cars.

After walking around for about an hour, we walked into the breezeway and found a half-smoked cigarette still lit. None of us were smoking.

Hanging Tree

Haunted Hanging Tree

I have been to this site at least 3 times. It was one of the scariest I have ever been to in our area.

The Hanging Tree is located near Cross lake on the south side of the lake. There was an old plantation on the property and the owner allegedly hung slaves from this tree when they did something wrong. During two of my visits, the temperature dropped by 20 degrees when you stand under the tree. On one visit, we could actually hear moaning from some woods near the tree (they sounded like children).

I went back out to this site last year and could not find the tree. Someone has been doing some clearing in the woods, and I am not sure if I lost my watermarks, or if the tree is gone.

Byrd High School

Haunted Byrd High School

You will hear lots of stories about this legendary high school which was built in 1925. Byrd still boasts the highest enrollment of any high school in the region.

The most infamous tale about the school is that of the swimming pool that used to be in the school's sub-basement, which students and teachers call "the Catacombs." You might hear a tale about a girl (who drowned in the pool) haunting the school. But there is no evidence of a drowning at the school.

The story that has a little more truth to it is the one about the old firing range which was also in the basement. One of the JROTC instructors used one of the rifles inside the firing range to commit suicide. Teachers will tell you about a light coming from inside the basement and there is no light on in the basement.

The Pea Farm

Haunted Pea Farm

You will have a hard time finding the Pea Farm unless you go with someone who knows the area. I have been out to it a couple of times and did find lots of strange things happening. It's in West Shreveport near the intersection of 70th and Bert Kouns. It's an old parish prison and is quite rundown.

I personally have heard moans coming from a couple of spots while inside walking around. The temperature also dropped considerably on both of my visits.

Municipal Auditorium

Haunted Municipal Auditorium

This building is legendary for the musicians who have graced the stage and the stories of haunted spots throughout the building. Some claim the Municipal Auditorium housed the city morgue during the Hayride years. People also say they've seen the ghost of Elvis in the building, and you will also hear people tell stories about temperature changes in different parts of this historic complex.

This summer, the auditorium gained some national recognition when it was featured on SyFy's hit show "Ghost Hunters."

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