Tim Tebow doesn’t have enough pull to get the New York Jets to keep him on the roster, yet he has somehow been named the most influential athlete in America.

The former Heisman Trophy winner, recently released by the fightin’ Rex Ryans, topped Forbes’ list of influential athletes. This, from a guy who can’t influence a ball enough to rotate in a spiral. Go figure.

Olympian and calorie-eating machine Michael Phelps came in second, while fellow Olympian and track speedster Usain Bolt took third.

LeBron James, who just claimed his fourth MVP in five years and is by all accounts the best basketball player in this or any other galaxy, only finished in ninth place, proving that some people may still be harboring a grudge about how he exited Cleveland. Get over it, people!

The list was created by surveying fans and taking into account each star’s N-score - a metric for judging each athlete’s endorsement potential.

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