VOTE: Why Do You Watch the Super Bowl?
Seriously? The two teams I hate the most are playing against each other? Now I am really going to have to admit that I am just watching the game to catch a glimpse of greatness when the Super Bowl commercials come on!
richard sherman mic'd up
Every NFL fan watching television on Championship Sunday saw Seattle Seahawks Pro-Bowl cornerback Richard Sherman go off on Michael Crabtree in a post-game interview with FOX's Erin Andrews.  What most of us haven't seen, until now, is the exchange between Sherman and Crabtree that resulted in Crabt…
Top 5 National Anthems
We should find out any day now who will sing the National Anthem at this year's Super Bowl. I would put my money on Candace Glover. She's the reigning American Idol and the game is on Fox.
NFL Playoff Schedule
The NFL Playoffs are here. Before long, we'll all be planning our Super Bowl snacks for the big (and cold) championship match-up February 2 in New York.
1130 the Tiger has your complete NFL Playoff Schedule, and you can hear all the hard-hitting action on 1130 the Tiger.
Superbowl Playoff Games: AFC, NFC
Stand by for some really exciting Superbowl playoff games.  The AFC and NFC championship games are tomorrow,  with the AFC game  featuring the Baltimore Ravens against the New England Patriots.