Father's Day

How to Go from a Regular Dad to a Cool Dad in 5 Easy Steps
With Father's Day coming up on June 16, the question 'what makes a dad cool?' has come up around the office. Is it the way he roughhouses with his kids? Or maybe the way he helps them keep a secret with three simple words: 'Don't tell mom.'
We stumbled across photographer Dave Engledow, who seems to …
Father’s Day: Which Babe Would Your Daddy Do?
Father's Day is this weekend and we all want to give dear old dad a gift he'll be happy with. Just for kicks and grins, if you could give dad one of these eight lovely babes for Father's Day, which one would it be? Take a quick (or not so quick) glance at the pictures below …
10 Lessons We Learned from TV Dads
The perfect dad is, of course, a made-up one. A dad you could mute whenever you wanted — except why would you want to when he always doles out his advice with deadpan delivery, well-written wisdom or the perfect punchline? In other words, TV dads are the most perfect dads of all.

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