Breaking News, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski Suns guard Devin Booker is likely to miss both game 3 & game 4 of the Pelicans vs Suns series.

With this injury to Devin Booker, the Pelicans' chances of winning the series now have gone up tremendously. When you look at the Suns and Pelicans they are very similar teams. A point guard who is one of their stars, a shooting guard/small forward who is their other star, great role players, and a center who is dominant. The Pelicans match up really well to the Suns, just look at it this way: CJ to CP3, Booker to Brandon Ingram, Ayton to JV, and Bridges to Herb Jones. When you take away Booker that leaves Brandon Ingram as the best player on the floor. And Chris Paul is older and it shows in his game. Booker is the star of that team and without him, I like the Pelicans' chances of moving to round 2.

Social Media Reacts To Devin Booker's Injury

Whatever happens from this point on the Pelicans are in a great position moving forward. If they win this series, then the rookies and players who never have been to the playoffs have just received an unmeasurable amount of experience. And even if they lose they still gain experience. This team is set up for sustained success and I am excited to see what happens next!

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