The expression "college football is a religion in the south" was created for a reason.

It's part of the fabric of life in certain areas of the country. A tradition shared amongst family and loved ones. A passion passed down for generations.

Many states will argue over who has the best college football, but what about college football talent?

ESPN's Tom Luginbill and Craig Haubert recently wrote an Insider story about the most talent-rich states for top-tier college football players.

Their list, which you can read here (need Insider access), isn't based on where the top players in college football are playing currently, but where they played in high school.

For example, former Clemson star running back Travis Etienne, a Louisiana native who played at Jennings, is among the best players in college football and counts toward the Louisiana crop of top-tier players.

Where does Louisiana rank? See for yourself.

The 5 States That Produce Best College Football Players

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