The World of Professional Wrestling is making national news at the moment as those in the wrestling community are speaking out about sexual abuse. Many stars have shared their stories while others have been accused of heinous acts. Some big name stars are being accused of impropriety including Matt Riddle, Jim Cornette and Will Ospreay.

Now those accusations are hitting close to home. Earlier this week, several accusations against one local star have come to light. Shreveporter Byron Wilcott, aka Big Daddy Yum Yum, is facing several accusations from various women. One of those women speaking out against the former NWA champion and New Japan Pro wrestler include current Impact Wrestling Women's Champion Jordynne Grace.

Female Professional Wrestler Laynie Luck is one of the most powerful voices of the Speak Out movement. While many who have spoken out have expressed fear of losing their job or bookings, Luck is empowering those scared women to share their stories anonymously. Below is one of the stories she recently shared about Byron Wilcott:


However, in a now deleted Tweet, TNA Champion Jordynne Grace said that this story was her story. And that the reason she was afraid to share it was because "of the way I behaved when I was younger and having that leveraged against me." You can read her full statement before it was removed here.

However, this was not the only story to come out against Wilcott as part of the movement. Several others have been by fellow wrestler Prince Simms:

I attempted to reach out to Byron for a statement on the matter. However, since the accusations were made, Wilcott appears to have deleted all of his social media accounts. There have also been accusations made against Wilcott's business partner in Main Event Pro Wrestling, Mark Vaughn. Those accusations are a bit too graphic to share here but can be seen on pro wrestler Veronica Brazier's Facebook page.