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Shreveport and Bossier City residents were shocked on Wednesday night when they found out a local watering hole was closing down.

Fud's Lounge, located on East 70th near the Jimmie Davis Bridge, posted on Facebook that they would be closing after 37 years in business. The Shreveport bar said in their post:

"We want to thank and share our great appreciation for all the loyal customers for the last 37 years. But due to new ownership on the building we have lost our lease. Our last day will be Sunday February 13th. So please come by and make the last days great. Again thanks to all the wonderful friends of Fuds."

While multiple bars and restaurants have been forced to close across Shreveport and Bossier due to pandemic restrictions, Fud's made it clear that this closure was not due to COVID or COVID restrictions. This was due to their building, and changes to their lease.

But Fud's also posted that they aren't going to close right away. The bar posted that they will have a big celebration on their way out. Their second post about the closure included details about live music, a birthday party, and a pretty big football game:

"Well let's make the last weekend the best ever. We will still be having Syndicate on Friday and I will still be donating my hair. And it's my birthday. And Super Bowl on Sunday!!!"

For fans of Fud's, the final party probably isn't enough to make up for the closure, but at least they'll be getting one last bash before they close.

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